December 19, 2004


So, this last Saturday was our Ward Christmas party, just your basic potluck dinner and show ... the only catch was that I was in charge of the show ... oh my word. Allow me to tell you this lovely story ...

A couple weeks ago, our Young Women's President announced that Sister Baron (from primary) wanted to put together a Christmas play with all the Primary children. She said she had a script, and that if we wanted to help this could be counted as one of our value projects. Well, since I only had one left, I eagerly, and naively agreed. That was before Thanksgiving -- when we had plenty of time. Two and a half weeks later, I got the script, and a half-week after THAT, we introduced it to the Primary ... that left me with one whopping week to throw this entire thing together. What a colossal lack of planning THAT was.

We basically told the kids that if they came to the party, they got a part, then we realized that that wouldn't work with the script, and so I had to write a new one ... the morning of the performance. Not that it mattered much, since no one had practiced anway, but oh my goodness. Sister Baron wasn' t even AT the ward Christmas party, and it turned out that we were the ONLY entertainment of the entire night. It was so stressful, I can't even express it. *sighs* Needless to say, the play semi-bombed, and even though everyone said it was great ... well, I couldn't tell if they were just being nice or not.

So the moral of the story is, if you want to get into the Christmas spirit, don't volunteer to head a play. Well, that's MY moral anyway. And the other moral is: if you DO volunteer to head a play, PRACTICE it before you put it on.

Okay that is all. Good night.


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