March 05, 2008's been awhile

So I fully and completely realize I have not posted almost two years! So much has happened...not. Anyway, I feel some background is needed. After LJ decided to leave WI for the Y (BYU) I haven't felt like posting, I kept thinking about it just wasn't the same. I'm sure you all know the feeling but now I'm ready to leave high school socially not academically. I'm tired of the same drama the same people and the same classes, if you ask me it's like my entire class decided it would be a great idea to "review" all of the horrible things we've done to each other over the years. Every argument has been re-argued. Every relationship done over including the cheating and tears and PDA. Every friendship has been renewed and then dropped and then renewed. Some of us can't wait to go and others don't want to leave but everyone has the idea that if we redo it, it will go better.....yeah right. Anyway, stay tuned I promise I'll be back(and not just two years from now)

June 11, 2006


Being Mormon makes for a lot of weird questions and today I had the honor of getting all 555,343,554 questions at once! Oh lucky me!(that was very sarcastic by the way:) I also had several times where I had to fight laughing my head off. Here's an example:
Them: Is it true that Mormons think chickens shouldn't fly?
crickets chirp
Me:(holding back laughter)
Them: Oh....really?
Me: Yeah...
Them: Ok, well see ya around
Me:(snort) bye (laughter)

As you can see these questions are not just annoying but are extremely stupid. Whether or not we think chickens should fly is not that important in the grand scheme of things, but I guess I should be thankful that I have this wonderful(cough, not, cough) opportunity(snort) to share the gospel. (Full blown laughter) Well, at least I can do it one chicken at a time. Have a great summer!

June 08, 2006

Gay Mormons

There was a segment on Nightline tongiht that was really interesting. It was on gay Mormons, namely: Jay and Daniel who are partners living in SLC -- both gone on missions and raised in "devout LDS families."
Read it
I guess I'm really just...confused about the whole thing. About Happiness vs. Obedience, and Natural vs. Changeable. These guys talked about how they fasted and prayed for years without anything changing. So they finally just gave up...And then there was the group of "gay Mormon fathers" who actually got married and started families before admitting to their wives and ultimately themselves that nothing was changing and that they were gay. That's not fair to their wives or their children either. I don't know what's going on. Do gays get special rules? How do they achieve the celestial kingdom if they don't get married in the temple, and if they do get married in the temple (presumably with someone of the opposite sex) then how is that eternal happiness? Do they suddenly change after death?
I would be very grateful for any enlightening views on this subject -- it is the one that continually perplexes me. I don't tell me it's just black and white, gay=evil either. I've heard that and that...just doesn't make sense. Children can't just be born evil...

March 29, 2006

Spring Break

Spring Break is here. That blessedly clean breath-of-fresh-air week between the marathons of third and fourth quarter. I am very glad it is finally here.
This Spring break was a special one -- my dad, bro and I went to New York City and it was truly a...learning experience. I enjoyed it of course, because really who COULDN'T enjoy New York? There's so much going on that eventually something you do will HAVE to be fun. Simple statistics. But I have made three generalizations about our Big (slightly bruised) Apple and they are these:
1. The City Motto is something along the lines of, "Screw Sanitation, the pigeons'll deal with it."
2. The restaurants are completely amazing and if we hadn't left (after four days) I'm quite certain I would be obese by the end of the week.
3. People will always be nice to you when you have money.

There were so many interesting things about New York that were just so foreign when compared to Madison. To give you a taste of what I mean, here's a list of tidbits I picked up from my short experience there. Bon Apetit!
Every night we had dinner around eleven o'clock and that was the NORM. Don't worry though, the restaurants are good enough to keep you awake. Especially the ethnic food -- which is REAL ethnic food not the lame imitation stuff we've created for our American taste buds -- try it whenever possible.
Broadway = love. We only got to see one show (Spamalot) that was actually ON Broadway but we also saw Altar Boyz (off Broadway) and they were both HIL-arious. It was fantastic. We were in the very front row for Altar Boyz and the actors actually addressed us personally several times. Oh my goodness it was so so funny. Unfortunately if I tried to recreate it in print it just wouldn't be the same so I won't try.
People in New York are really nice and really helpful. It's cool.
Everything is overpriced. Everything. Even the fake rolexes. Unbelievable and yet tourists still buy them. suckers.
The buildings are huge. HUGE. I know you're reading this and thinking "well, duh, it's New York." but seriously, Madison looks like a quaint little country village compared to the vast hugeness of these buildings.
There are advertisements of equal hugeness on said buildings. In fact, I believe the billboards of New York are about the size of Madison's buildings...They are also the only color in the city.
Subway walls are frightening things. Get to close to them and you risk not only touching them but smelling them. *shudder*

February 05, 2006

Returning from Lala land, ain't a piece'o'cake

Hey all the peeps out there who enjoy reading my wanderings! I feel like I've been in Lala land for the past three weeks as everything has gone so great! But then reality struck me stupid and all I've been able to say are questions this week. I've rated each question according to use and the top five winners are:
5. We're having a test? phrase was used mostly during classes especially in the morning hours and generally followed by faint sobbing, and maybe a groan of agony or two depending on difficulty of test.
4. Really? I was suprised all week but they weren't good suprises so give me a break.
3. Huh? translation: run that by me one more time so I might possibly understand a word that just came out of your mouth at the speed of light. Used mornings, afternoons, evenings and nights!
2. Do you think I'm stupid? This was followed by an awkward pause and then a yes or a yes and then the awkward pause...I can't remember.
1. Why? This was used the most after everyone of the responses to the questions above I'd ask why? in an annoying, high pitched voice. Well, I've got high hopes for the week ahead and maybe a doubt or two but hopefully I'll go back to Lala land and zone everything else out. Have a great week and enjoy life!

December 27, 2005

Kill those stupid FA, LA, LA!

Yes I know the title seems a bit violent towards fa la la's but I can't stand the fact that after Christmas some radio stations continue to play Christmas songs! I love Christmas songs don't get me wrong but after Christmas and I just freak out!! I also think that whoever thought that making the day after Christmas the day to get the "BEST DEALS" was Jewish. There is no other possible conclusion. Anyway, other than being greatly annoyed at what I just mentioned I had a GREAT Christmas! It was awesome the fact that it was on Sunday made it even better because my family doesn't usually go out of the house on Christmas, so it's hard to actually on Christmas Day wish someone a "Merry Christmas" but I did it! Not only once but a whole ten times!!! I feel like I should get an award for that! In church, we had a special program and almost every group(Young Men,Young Womens, Relief Society,etc)sang a song or did something musical. It really set the mood for a wonderful day spent with family! Well, I hope you're Christmas was as good as mine!

December 04, 2005


Tonight was the broadcast of the Christmas Devotional with the tabernacle choir. It was nice. Not exactly groundbreaking, but the music was beautiful and I enjoyed elder Monson's talk. He talked about how special this time of year is, and how the Christmas spirit makes us "serve, and forgive, and reach out more than any other time of year." It made me want to...I don't know, go do some random act of service or something. Which is good but a little inprobable on a Sunday night. Thus, I will have to find some other, more convenient time later.
What are you giving this Christmas?